OREANDA-NEWS. On May 08, 2008 Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) has met requests of Mass Media and professional stock market participants, and beginning October 1, 2004 KASE has implemented the system of users' notification on receipt of new documents submitted by securities issuers to KASE in accordance with the listing requirements, reported the press-centre of KASE.

The system will receive and process the documents in the following manner.

The documents, submitted by the issuers to the KASE Listing Department Monitoring Division (in soft or hard format) are registered and examined by the Monitoring Division personnel within a day of receipt or the following day (depending on the time of receipt), and then divided into three categories.

The documents rejected by the Exchange for one reason or another, not complying with its requirements fall to the first category. The issuer is to be notified on such documents and must provide the Exchange with restated or amended versions.

The documents requiring no additional processing fall to the second category. As a rule, press releases, informational messages and other notifications, the content of which may be brought to public notice through KASE news fall to this category. These documents are submitted to the KASE Information and Analysis Department News Division. The same day the News Division releases the information of the documents publishing it in KASE news.

The content of the third category documents is brought to public notice releasing them in PDF format at the KASE web-site in the "Issuers" section (http://www.kase.kz/emitters/). As a rule, financial statements, reports and investment offers, audit reports, issues prospectuses and other documents fall to this category. These documents are submitted to the Information and Analysis Department Information Division for processing, which may take up to several days (depending on working volumes).

To take care of the persons, interested in timely familiarization with the third category documents, KASE informs such persons on receipt of the documents on the day of submission sending special information messages to users' accounts. For this purpose the Exchange established a database of the accounts, to send messages to.

For inclusion of one's own account into the database the interested person must send to info@kase.kz a free form application, with a user account and titled as "For notification on documents receipt". The Exchange receiving such application guarantees inclusion of his account to the messages delivery database. Message receipt will allow for the interested person familiarizing with the document of interest directly in the KASE Listing Department (this requires going to the Exchange), before release of the document copy in the Internet.

The Exchanges requests all interested persons to timely notify on changes of accounts the Information and Analysis Department sending a respective notification to info@kase.kz. Otherwise KASE incurs no liability for delivery of new documents.

The afore described system, implemented October 1, 2004, includes spreading by the KASE News Division exchange news, which list all new documents, released at the KASE website in the "Issuers" section, with indication of the document name and its URL. Such news is released on the day of documents publishing and describes all documents, released on that day. According to the Exchange specialists, the procedure will ease searching for new releases at the Exchange site and excluded the need of daily monitoring of the site news, published at: www.kase.kz.