OREANDA-NEWS. On 15 May 2008 was announced, that the Ecological Effectiveness exhibition will take place in October 21—23 and it will be the 5th international specialized exhibition. For leading industries, such as oil, gas, chemical, shipbuilding, power, aviation and automobile, industrial and civil construction the problem of ecology for today is the vital topic as objects of thermal power station are the basic sources of pollution of air and water pools, infringements of natural landscapes and the grounds.

The 5th international specialized exhibition ECO EFFICIENCY OF INDUSTRIAL-AND- FUEL SECTOR, AND HOUSING-AND-MUNICIPAL COMPLEX gives a unique opportunity to analyse the condition of the ecological complex of the country, to discuss with the participation of experts of various industries all the questions connected with problems of ecology, fire and industrial safety, to consider the most actual problems and ways to solve them, to accelerate the instillation of modern technologies and equipment.

Among exhibitors — the leading enterprises-developers and manufacturers of the ecological, fire and industrial equipment, experts on repair oil-and-gas pipelines, the rescue equipment.

Carrying out of the exhibition is accompanied by the large-scale business and scientific program the realization of which is carried out in the form of conferences, "round tables", presentations of achievements and opportunities of the enterprises — participants.

Exhibition Sections:

Oil-and-gas complex ecology. Spill ail liquidation

Systems and means of fire safety

Ecological safety of water, air and earth

Industrial safety

Transport ecology

Ecology in housing and communal services

Technologies of wastes processing and recycling

Subject of exhibition: Ecology and waste control.