OREANDA-NEWS. On 15 May 2008 was announced, that the conference-hall of Garden Hotel in Shanghai welcomed the presentation of the MVK Chinese subsidiary. Every year the International Exhibition Company opens new representative offices worldwide.

The presentation was led by Mr Ya Ping Chzhou. The representatives of various business spheres and leading associations and mass media were introduced to the subsidiary’s development plan and MVK exhibition projects where we expect a large number of Chinese exhibitors.

Aleksey Shaburov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVK International Exhibition Company, answered all the questions. The most disputable issues were those of logistics and customs services. Russian-Chinese relations are rapidly progressing, and in this respect MVK activity will improve the interstate interaction and increase the commodity turnover between the two countries.

The artists from the Chinese Calligraphic Association also attended the presentation. In his speech Aleksey Shburov touched upon the coming project which aroused the audience’s interest.