OREANDA-NEWS. On May 14, 2008 an auction on placement of short-term notes of National Bank with the state registration number 50101919S, total volume AZN 50,000,000, volume put-up to the auction AZN 35, 000, 000, face value per note AZN 200, and turnover period 28 days was carried out on Baku Stock Exchange, reported the press-centre of Baku Stock Exchange.

Total volume of orders submitted by 4 investors made AZN 27.937.600 at face value. Orders were presented in price range from 99,21% (YTM – 10,24%) to 99,24% (YTM – 9,85%).

National Bank set cut off price on competitive orders in the amount of 99,21% (YTM – 10,24%) and weighted average price in the amount of 99,22% (YTM – 10,11%).

Volume of Notes realized at face value formed AZN 27.937.600, including noncompetitive orders of AZN 406,800. The maturity date of Notes is June 11, 2008.