OREANDA-NEWS. On May 15 2008, the Prime Minister of Georgia Vladimer Gurgenidze met with the representatives of large-scale businesses. They discussed the problem of creating new jobs and training and retraining the personnel. According to the assessments of the prime minister, the dynamics is notable and the majority of the enterprises are going to expand their scope of activities: "Many enterprises are already working on exports and are going to increase the production four times. First of all, I would like to acquaint myself with the problems, and the central government is capable of adjusting all those problems. As it has become known, there are no hindering points for developing the industrial zone in Rustavi”, the prime minister asserted.

Vladimer Gurgenidze also spoke about the "Cheap credit" program and stated that the "Cheap credit" has been successfully adjusted to the Kvemo Kartli region and Rustavi among them: "Within the framework of the program, 5 million Gel was allocated extra for the Kvemo Kartli region. Admission of the applications and their review is still continuing; for more than 1000 applications have already been reviewed", – Vladimer Gurgenidze stated.