OREANDA-NEWS. May 16, 2008. The managers of the KAMAZ metallurgical block participated in the seminar “Development Strategy of KAMAZ-Metallurgy OJSC till 2012”.

The primary intent of the seminar was to acquire skills of strategic thinking, strategy selection and application. The seminar was held with business game elements. In an informal way the participants of the seminar discussed the development strategy of the enterprise for the next five years which was developed and suggested by the consultants of OOO Dialog Consulting.
Measuring Technique of New Generation

The foundry of OAO KAMAZ-Metallurgy started to install the Contura measurement inspection machine by Carl Zeiss in the measuring laboratory of foundry equipment production.

Contura measures finished foundry equipment by mathematical model. The new measurement inspection machine has got a lot of advantages. The main one is increased measurement dimensions (1000x1600mm) that will help to measure large equipment. Other advantages of Contura are heavy payload (1 tonne 300 kg) and measurements accuracy – 2.5 microns. It’s planned to launch the equipment in June.
Spectral Analysis for 30 Minutes

There was launched a roentgen fluorescent spectrometer for analysis of foundry goods, ferroalloys, modifiers, alloys, refractory materials and various bulk solids at the foundry of OAO KAMAZ-Metallurgy.

The quick roentgen test gives an opportunity to define chemical composition of materials only for half an hour. Using chemical analysis methods the same result can be received for 16 hours.

For the present KAMAZ-Metallurgy is the only industrial enterprise at KAMAZ and in the region where roentgen spectral equipment is used for analysis.
Components for CUMMINS Engine

OAO KAMAZ-Metallurgy will become a supplier of JV CUMMINS KAMA.

The main components of an engine will be made at the forge plant and the foundry. These are crankshafts, four- and six-cylinder blocks, cylinder heads for low-tonnage trucks.

The forge plant has already stamped test samples of a new crankshaft. Preproduction is in progress at the foundry. There was determined the technique of production of rods for cylinder blocks. There were signed contracts of delivery of production accessories and modern rod equipment.

The foundry will start producing the first KAMAZ blocks at the end of the year. The partner’s order is 40 thousand parts a year so far.