OREANDA-NEWS. On May 15, 2008 Kazkommertsbank JSC (Almaty, a listing company of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), provided KASE with the press release which informs as follows, reported the press-centre of KASE:

High quality client services may become one of the competitive advantages of the bank operating in retail segment. However, it is not possible to maintain such level without implementation of modern information communication technologies (ICT). This is why Kazkommertsbank, affirming the status of innovation leader among the national banks, modernized the Call processing center, having launched the Call Center system based on Cisco IPCC Enterprise platform integrated with Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Call-center implemented with these systems allows for receiving 30 parallel calls at a one time, meeting the bank clients' needs immediately. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system support allows for Kazkommertsbank clients using tele-banking services, when, it is possible to call one of the call-center numbers in automatic mode, which means, not using operators assistance, get an access to individual information (learn the balance of personal and card accounts), change the password of access to Homebank.kz, and to pay for different services of telephone and mobile communications operators, cable TV and etc.

Kazkommertsbank call-center services advantages represent possibility to process not only telephone calls, but also other types of communications with the bank, such as e-mailing to Call-Center, bank Internet-forums, SMS-banking and IMS (real time information exchange systems).

It is noteworthy that the Kazkommertsbank Call processing center is integrated not only with CRM-bank system, but with all bank processing systems. In addition, the call-center united the units of the bank, involved in distant client servicing: information service, card holders supporting service, distant crediting block, Internet-banking systems technical support services - Onlinebank.kz and Homebank.kz, collector unit.

Kazkommertsbank call processing supports traditional bank call-centers services, such as consultations on bank products, payment cards authorization, receipt of complaints and proposals, and new services. Now Kazkommertsbank's clients can by phone open a credit bonus by GoCard, receive on-line approval of express-credits for members of bank payroll projects; receive overdraft services, and payment cards' holders may rely on call-center when encountering difficulties abroad.

Service Level indicator makes 85-90%, which means, this percent of calls are responded within 20 seconds after dialing. 4-5% percent of calls are lost. Daily 50 call-center operators work to service incoming calls.

Before the end of 2008 Kazkommertsbank intends to expand the spectrum of services rendered by phone for legal entities, small and middle scale businesses representatives, and private businesses; and to increase call center staff.

Currently Kazkommertsbank call-center services monthly about 83,5 th. calls (as for December 2007), which is four times more than that of the same period in 2006. Such increase shows high interest in Kazkommertsbank services. Cisco IPCC Enterprise and IVR equipment reduced the cost of calls by 30%, which also allowed for improving services quality.

Call-center services expansion and new technologies implementation was caused by Kazkommertsbank geographical expansion in Kazakhstan, significant growth of bank retail sector and accordingly Kazkommertsbank client base enlargement.