OREANDA-NEWS. On 20 May 2008 was announced, that Allianz Insurance Company Western Directorate made property insurance agreement with Enzim CJSC, one of the biggest yeast producers in Ukraine, for total amount of over UAH 40 million.

In accordance with the agreement, Allіanz insured storage and workrooms of Enzim CJSC for the amount of UAH 27,435,000, industrial equipment of the company for the amount of UAH 9,262,180. Raw materials and final products were insured for total insured amount of UAH 4,032,950.

Insurance indemnity provides for coverage on the following risks: brand, stroke of lightning, explosion, fall down of planes or their parts, cargo and luggage thereout, storm and hail, including heavy rain (snowy rain), downpour, earthquake, land subsidence, slide, landslide, snow avalanche, snowpack pressure, damage done by water from water supply, heating systems, canalization, and analogous systems, damage done by water from sprinkler and drencher systems, theft with breaking in, robbery, brigandage, intended actions of third parties aimed at damaging the insured property, hooliganism, runover of transport means.