OREANDA-NEWS. May 20, 2008. "For the last years, by the National Bank of Ukraine there were stepped up the demands both of the structure of loan portfolio in the currency section and on maturities of repayment of loans", - Mr. Alexander Sobolev, the Head of Treasury department of RODOVID BANK, said. According to him, today in Ukraine, the inflationary expectations were intensified and the loans have rose in a value. "In the conditions, when there is special limitation of access to assets for loan’s grant for the banks and the standards on reservation are strengthen, it gives effect of more less available loans for borrowers", - Alexander Sobolev told. Having commented the possible reduction of rates of mortgage crediting, the expert of RODOVID BANK said, that there are few borrowers that will be able to repay mortgage credits for the period of 3-5 years. But if such will happened (the banks will reduce the terms of crediting), it will lead to slowdown of the mortgage credit’s rates. And it means – that the prices will be changed n the real estate market.