OREANDA-NEWS. On 21 May 2008 was announced, that OJSC Nevinnomyssky Azot invests more than 60 million rubles in 2008 for execution of environmental activities. Thus, funds allocated for improvement of environment of the region 36% more than in the previous year (at that time investments amounted to 44 million rubles).

According to explanations of the head of the department for labor protection and industrial safety of OJSC Nevinnomyssky Azot Vladimir Larsky employees of the enterprise as well as engaged specialized organizations carry out on a regular basis environmental monitoring for the purpose of mitigation of the inevitable environmental impact of production. According to him, special attention is paid to such questions within the framework of implementation of new technologies at production.  

Over last 10 years a number of activities have been carried out at Nevinnomyssky Azot which permitted to significantly mitigate emissions of harmful substances in the air. The following are the most efficient among them:

- assembly and set-up of the system for filtration of emissions from pre-boil-off (foam jet) devices at workshop No,3-A. This permitted to reduce emissions of ammonia by 80 tons per year and by 400 tons per year

- reconstruction of eight aggregates UKL-7 with conversion to low-temperature treatment from nitrogen oxides at workshop No.5. Thus, emissions of nitrogen oxides reduced by 10 tons per year, carbon oxides by 900 tons per years, methane by 50 tons per year

- reconstruction with supply of distillation gases to the primary reforming furnace at workshop No.1-B. The result reduction of emissions of ammonia by 65 tons per year, methanol by 11 tons per year

-  replacement of a scrubber at workshop No.6/3. This modernization allowed for reduction of emissions of ammonia by 50 tons per year and ammonium nitrate by 135 tons per year.

Within the framework of the development strategy of the enterprise until 2015 the Environmental Program of OJSC Nevinnomyssky Azot has been developed including a set of measures aimed at reduction of environmental impact of chemical production. Activities have both a long-term nature (in perspective until 2015) and short-term nature (for the nearest one-two years). Thus, the main directions of 2008 consist in continuation of the scheduled work for reduction of emissions in the air, discharged water, reduction of amount of formed wastes. An active work is carried out for adjustment of operation of the accumulator Volchya Balka in accordance with requirements of sanitary rules and regulations.