OREANDA-NEWS. May 21, 2008. The Federal Tax Service authority in Moscow (Moscow`s FTSA) reported that within 2007 the gaming business had generated 6.426 billion rubles of tax revenues for the capital city`s budget. In particular, slot machines brought Moscow 4.572 billion rubles in 2007. The relocation of all gambling facilities to gaming zones by July 1st, 2009, will deprive the capital city`s budget of several billion rubles.

According to Moscow`s FTSA, there are 490 gambling tax payers within the capital. 49.311 thousand properties are taxed. The gambling tax rates are at their maximum in Moscow: 125 thousand rubles a month per gaming table, 7.5 thousand rubles per slot machine, 125 thousand rubles per totalizator cash desk and 125 thousand rubles per bookmaker`s cash desk. 98% of the capital city`s gambling facilities are slot machines. There are 48.121 thousand of them in Moscow. The slot machines generated about 70% of the overall amount of gambling tax, or 4.572 billion rubles for Moscow budget in 2007. Therefore the average tax per slot machine was 95 thousand rubles.

There are 1.177 thousand gaming tables in the capital , and the tax amount they generated for the city budget was 1.832 billion rubles. In average, one table brought Moscow 1.56 million rubles in 2007. The amount of money the city budget received from 12 registered bookmakers` offices was 20.626 million rubles in 2007. The only registered totalizator cash desk generated 1.625 million rubles of tax revenues last year.