OREANDA-NEWS. On 22 May 2008 was announced, that on the initiative of embassy Republic of South Africa in Moscow deputy head of Directorate of foreign relations T. Chernysheva and deputy of head of the Directorate of Technology-Innovative Zones L. Vodovatov, Chief of the department computer systems infrastructure Information and Technological Directorate A. Kovaljtsov, and also representatives of RusSEZ TD for Moscow Region and Moscow held a meeting with the delegation of Republic of South Africa, which has been presented by members of instructional staff of university Pretorii (Republic of South Africa ), representatives of the embassy Republic of South Africa in the Russian Federation.

The head of International Department the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR ) D. V. Kamanin was also present at the meeting.

The interest of members of the delegation was focused on special economic zones of technology-innovative type. Topics of discussion of steel experience in construction and functioning of technology-innovative SEZ, as well as representatives of informing Republic of South Africa on innovation orientation SEZ.

At the meeting the main creation purposes of special economic zones and their development prospect, the international activity of an agency, condition and preference for residents, future trends of cooperation with science were discussed and business Republic of South Africa. guests presentations of the SEZ "Dubna", SEZ "Zelenograd", SEZ "Tomsk", total presentation RusSEZ, as well as presentation the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research were demonstrated. 00065.