OREANDA-NEWS. May 22, 2008. Siberian Agrarian Holding (SAHO) group introduced its plant protection agents at the markets of two more CIS countries. SAHO-Himprom trading house operates now in three CIS countries.

In addition to representative office in Kirghizia opened in 2007, distribution network of SAHO-Himprom was increased with a representative office in Belarus and three dealer centers in azakhstan.

In spring 2008 several agents of SAHO-Himprom were officially registered in Belarus republic. In this agricultural season representative office of SAHO in Minsk won a tender for insecticide deliveries for state needs. It is expected that a large local distributor will start large-scale sales of plant protecting agents of SAHO-Himprom to agricultural producers of the republic.

Dealers of SAHO-Himprom in Petropavlovsk, Kokchetava and Kustanay offer agicultural producers plant protecting agents registered in Kazakhstan. That is why in current season already Kazakhstani agricultural producers will be able to assess pesticides produced by SAHO-Himprom.

Herbicides, insecticides and fungicides registered in Kirghizia are purchased not only local agricultural enterprises. In 2007 representative office of SAHO-Himprom won a state tender for delivery of Tsunami insecticide. In this season SAHO-Himprom won a tender for deliveries of nonselective agents against cattail.

CIS market development remains one of strategic trends drifts of chemical activity of SAHO for the nearest years. At the moment plant protection agents of SAHO-Himprom are being registered in Ukraine and Mongolia.