OREANDA-NEWS. October 7, 2008. Deployment of a model of bilateral contracts in the electricity market is inexpedient without privatization. It was stated by the head of the Regulatory Policy Department of the company DTEK, Ms. Yulia Nosulko, in her speech during the conference at the 6th International Fuel and Energy Forum.

"Otherwise competition will still be impossible. Today the market participants do not see each other. SE ‘Energorynok’ is separating them like a wall’, - she stressed.

Ms. Nosulko pointed out that as a result, the price of electricity is far from being market-based and in fact it is 20-40% underestimated. ‘Under these circumstances, an investor will not come into the energy sector, and this is the key problem that needs to be resolved in order to attract investment to the industry’, - Yulia Nosulko said.