OREANDA-NEWS. On October 07, 2008, the Cabinet of Ministers approved its Regulation drafted by the State Chancellery by which the procedure for the implementation of the activity „Conducting policy research” of the European Social Fund is set forth, reported the Official website www.mk.gov.lv.

This activity envisaged within the European Structural Funds is aimed at ensuring that drafting of policy planning documents and legal acts is based on more reliable information and justification. Thus, by 2013 it is planned to conduct 59 cross-industry studies for solving problems of national and regional level.

It is planned that a month after the Regulation comes into force the Society Integration Foundation (SIF) will announce an open tender of projects and the potential applicants will be line ministries, secretariats of ministers for special assignments, the State Chancellery and planning regions. Funding will only be allocated to such projects which ensure results that can be used by the applicant for the enhancement of the system of policy planning and impact assessment, for elaboration of a specific policy or for drafting or improving a concrete policy planning document or legal act.

Cabinet Regulation „Conducting Policy Research” is available on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers: http://www.mk.gov.lv/lv/mk/tap/?pid=30338252

Additional information: In the planning period of 2007-2013 of the European Structural Funds, the State Chancellery is one of the responsible authorities. It is engaged in drafting of legal acts and criteria for assessing project applications, in planning financing for the measure „Better regulation policy”, as well as in performing supervisory functions for this measure. The State Chancellery is to draft nine regulations; by now the Government has already approved six regulations.