OREANDA-NEWS  On 14 October was announced, that IDGC of Centre became the auction winner and got the right to acquire electric power complex of Oboyan.

Gradually implementing the policy of electric power complex integration in the regions, JSC got the right to sign purchase and sale agreement of one of the major Kursk Region town’s electric power complex.

It should be noted that,  Kurskenergo has been renting the Oboyan grids three years in a row, investing substantial means into their modernization.

According to Alexander Pilyugin, the director of Kurskenergo branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC, “more than RUR 6 million was invested into the modernization and development and more than RUR 24 million was invested into new construction for that period. Due to transition of municipal grids to the possession of Kurskenergo the opportunities of their further development will grow substantially.”

Moreover, as a result of the trading held by the authorities of the Khomutovskiy district (Kursk Region), IDGC of Centre, JSC acquired eight school transformer substations in seven municipal educational facilities of the region.

“Electric power complex integration and the creation of the unified responsibility centre – it’s a necessity imposed by great experience and considerable opportunities of IDGC of Centre, JSC”, noted Konstantin Kotikov, IDGC of Centre, JSC Corporate Governance Deputy General Director.

IDGC of Centre, JSC will invest more than RUR 900 million into the construction and technical retooling of Kursk Region distributional grids only in the current year.