OREANDA-NEWS. October 13, 2008. The exchange rate of the dollar and the euro slightly decreased at currency exchange stores in Kyiv. At the same time, the Russian ruble exchange rate remained practically unchanged.

The U.S. dollar can be purchased at currency exchange stores at UAH 5.00-5.30 and sold at UAH 5.40-5.90. The purchase cash rate of the euro is UAH 6.76-7.25, while its sale rate is 7.50-8.30. Ten Russian rubles can be purchased at UAH 1.70-2.00 and sold at UAH 2.03-2.60.

The National Bank of Ukraine on Friday lowered the official euro exchange rate by 2.3 kopecks, to UAH 6.741258 / USD 1, leaving the dollar and ruble exchange rates unchanged.

Yesterday's trade session on the interbank forex market ended at UAH 5.60-5.70 / USD 1. Trade in the euro finished at the level of UAH 7.60-7.70 / EUR 1. The NBU yesterday intervened on the interbank, selling USD 200 million at UAH 5 / USD 1.

According to experts and market players, the central bank will be able to continue increasing the national currency rate if it enters the interbank with sufficient interventions.