OREANDA-NEWS  On 15 October was announced, that Azerbaijan international building, interiors, heating & ventilation exhibition ‘Baku Build 2008’ will take place in Baku on October 22 — 25, 2008.

Venue of exhibition: Baku , Azerbaijan

The largest Construction exhibition, traditional Baku Build will open its doors on October, 2—5 and conclude the exhibition season of 2007.

Economic Figures.

In January-October 2007 GDP of Azerbaijan increased in 34.3% and made up USD 16.967 billion. 7.4% of GDP was shared by construction sector. The main reason of speedup of the economic growth was the growth of industry production. From the other side the investments in economic has increased as well. Due to the data of the State Committee on Statistics, in January-October 2006 total amount of USD 5.459 billion was allocated in fixed capital. One of the important growth-stimulating factors in 2006 was the increasing demand for investments in building of industry utilities. 86.2% of the total investments in construction field was spent for these issues.


In the state budget 2006 USD 1.016 billion were planned to be allocated in construction works, and in 2007 this amount will increase and reach USD 1.799 billion in addition to USD 1.803 billion planned to be invested in industry utilities’ building. 62.8% of funds invested in construction sector from the budget in 2006 were spent for building and installation works. Repair works shared USD 2.768 billions of total investments that made up 9.5% growth in comparison with previous year figures. USD 4.684 billion (or 85.8% of investments) felt to building of industry utilities, USD 774.9 million (or 14.2%) were allocated in construction of non-production utilities.


Due to the State Committee on Statistics, in January-September 2006 totally 2 188 permissions were granted to conduct construction works that is more for 20.7% in comparison with last year indexes. Among them there were permissions for house building of 2.108 million sq. meters. Under the President’s Decree "Improvement of Baku city transport system in 2006—2007" 9 highway bridges and the number of pedestrian underpasses and overpasses are under construction now. The cost of the project that should be accomplished in 2 years is above USD 329.67 million.

Subject of exhibition: Building, design, interiors resembling exhibitions.