OREANDA-NEWS  On 15 October was announced, that OJSC PAVA (www.apkhleb.ru) launched a completely new product of grain processing – flour enriched with proteins and vitamins. It differs from the traditional fortified flour with additives. Protein-enriched flour produced by PAVA receives major mineral and trace elements naturally during the production process, owing to the use of special technologies.

The company has already carried out test bread-baking, using new flour. The results were successful – the bread is porous and has excellent flavour. Dough from protein-enriched flour completes fermentation almost twice as fast compared to the traditional product. This will allow bakeries to reduce the time spent on bread manufacturing.

“Bakeries reported positive results; moreover, according to the specialists’ estimate, we can try different recipes – and improve the taste qualities of bread even further. I think that this product will be especially popular with those customers who take care of their nutrition and lead a healthy, active lifestyle’, says Andrey Ananin, OJSC PAVA Director General.

Today, PAVA produces 4 sorts of flour enriched by vitamins and proteins. They differ from each other in fibre, vitamins and ash content. New flour from PAVA contains significantly more protein in comparison with the regular product – 14,5%.

Protein-enriched flour will be equally available to consumers in Russia and overseas. Preliminary forecasts show that Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavian countries and the Arab peninsula states are the potential importers of this product.

PAVA has an opportunity to set a range of different prices for the protein-enriched flour and regulate its composition. Therefore, it may be of interest to representatives of developing countries for whom it is important to have a high-quality product at a moderate price.

Protein-enriched PAVA flour has an increased content of B-vitamins, iron and a number of other trace elements. These vitamins are contained in grain and preserved in the flour, due to special methods of processing.