OREANDA-NEWS. October 14, 2008. Due to the information of the Press of the National Bank the sum of money (M2 money, money aggregate ) was 5365.1 million manats on 1 September in 2008 year, reported the press-centre of National Bank.

The sum of money has increased 31% in comparison with the beginning of the recent year, but it has increased 64.4 % in comparison the indicator on 1 September in 2007 year.

3548,6 million manats have fallen to cash money share, 913.8 million manats have fallen to demanded means share, and 902.7 million manats have fallen to long-term deposits share. In comparison with the same period of the last year the sum of cash money has increased  1.8 time and the sum of non-cash money has increased 1.3 time.