OREANDA-NEWS. October 14, 2008. Due to the information of the Press of the National Bank the total credit grants on Azerbaijan economy were 6455.0 million manats on 1 September in 2008 year, reported the press-centre of National Bank.

This indicator has increased 1.5% in comparison with the last month and has increased 80.7% in comparison with the indicators till 1 September 2007 year. 122.9 million manats of credit grants were outdated credits.

1979.8 million (30.7%)of credits were short-term credits, 4475.2 million manats (69.3%) of credits were long-term credits. 79.1 million manats of short –term credits and 43.8 million manats (1.0 %) of long- term credits are outdated credits.

2800.6 million manats (43.4%) credits were given by government banks, 3494.6 million manats (54.1%) were given by private banks and 159.8 million manats (2.5%) were given by non-bank credits.

1980.3 million manats credits have been directed to the Azerbaijan economy by banks created with the participation of foreign currency and its total size is 30.7%.

And banks acted completely with foreign capital gave 315.6 million manats (4.9%) credits.
3526.2 million manats (54.6%) of these credits were given with manats, and 2928.8 million manats (45.4%) were given with foreign currency.