OREANDA-NEWS. October 14, 2008. As it  was informed in NBM, as of September 30, 2008, currency reserves of NBM amounted to US1 billion 803,9 million, having increased by US 15,77 million or 0,8% in comparison with September 26 (the last NBM data).

The previous maximum of US 1,7 billion was surpassed in early August, 2008, and maximum of US 1,6 billion –in the first decade of July, 2008.

The maximum of US 1,5 billion was exceeded in late June 2008 and historic boundary of US 1 billion-in late August 2007.

As of late December 2007, currency reserves of NBM totaled US 1 billion 333,68 million, by the end of I quarter 2008 - US 1 billion 424,29 million and by late I half of 2008 - US 1 billion 525,95 million.

Earlier the government of Moldova planned that the boundary of US 1,7 billion will be exceeded by late 2008.