OREANDA-NEWS. October 14, 2008. Moldovan wineries increase their wine exports to Russia after receiving beforehand permissions from the RosPoterebNadzor.

According to Russian mass media, Russia's Chief Sanitary Inspector, RosPoterebNadzor Head Gennady Onishenko stated this.

In his words, 29 Moldovan wineries supply wines and divins (high-quality brandies to the Russian market.

"As of October 2.617 thousand wine consignments or 23.182 million liters, аs well as 340 consignments of divins or 3.433 million liters were allowed to be delivered to Russia", Gennady Onishenko said.

In March 2006 RosPoterebNadzor suspended the imports of Moldovan alcoholic beverages to Russia under the pretext of having revealed heavy metals and pesticides in Moldovan beverages. The Moldovan supplies were resumed in November 2007 after long negotiations.