OREANDA-NEWS. October 16, 2008. A.N. Perminov, Administrator of the Russian Federal Space Agency, signed an Order to establish the Interagency Board on Utilization of the Space Activities` Outcome for the benefits of the socio-economical development of the RF subjects. The Board will work under the Russian Federal Space Agency.

The Interagency Board is to increase the utilization effectiveness of the space activity outcome for socio-economical development of the subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as for implementing the agreements between the Russian Federal Space Agency and the subjects of the Russian Federation in this area.

The Board will review, discuss and make decisions on the issues and problems common for all regions, which cover practical application of the space activities` outcome. The regions will share the experience in this area, prepare joint proposals and projects.

The Interagency Board is chaired by the Administrator of the Russian Federal Space Agency. The Board structure includes representatives of the federal authorities, federal regions of the Russian Federation, executive bodies of the RF subjects, corporate entities, as well as rocket and space industrial organizations and entities.

Organizational and technical support of the Interagency Board is assigned to the Roscosmos` Space Activities` Organization Consolidated Directorate and Administrative Office.

Informational and analytical support is assigned to the RECOD R&D Corporation-public company.  An expert analysis group has been established under the Interagency Board. This group will be headed by V.G.Bezborodov, RECOD Director General.