OREANDA-NEWS. October 16, 2008. ROSNO's Nizhny Novgorod branch has concluded an annex to the existing medical insurance contract with the largest power supplier of the region – OJSC Nizhegorodskaya Sbytovaya Kompaniya, widely known to consumers by its brand "Energosbyt". The partners agreed to extend cooperation for one more year – till September 2009, reported the press-centre of ROSNO.

Over four hundred of the company’s employees have been insured under ROSNO’s VMI programs — Standard and Mega. The Standard program includes outpatient treatment, dental aid, and hospital treatment.

The comprehensive VMI program Mega contemplates provision to the insurants of additional types of medical aid: prophylactic vaccination against flu for epidemiological reasons, prescribed medical rehabilitation, and treatment of the diseases not included in the Standard program.

The aggregate insurance amount for all insurants is 3,410,850,000 roubles.