OREANDA-NEWS  On 17 October was announced, that the specialists of Voronezhenergo, a subsidiary of IDGC of Centre, JSC continue the reconstruction of 110-35-10 kV Podgornaya No.30 substation, the most important urban power facility. The given substation supplies with power consumers in the most part of the northern area of Voronezh.

Last year substation No.30 was a closed power supply centre in the field of connection of additional capacities, because two 40MVA transformers established in it were loaded to inadmissible value. When one of them was switched off due to the repair or failure, other transformer was overloaded to inadmissible value, and, in order to preserve it,  it was necessary to stop electric power supply of a part of consumers in the northern area of Voronezh.

The reconstruction of the substation started last year; T-3 additional transformer with a capacity of 63 MVA was established at the same time. Thus, it became possible to connect additional capacity and provide reliability of consumers' electric power supply in the northern area of Voronezh in case of shutdown of one of the transformers.

Now the personnel is performing the second reconstruction stage at the substation. In particular, this year they installed Setun additional block-modular distribution device   made by Moselektroshchit Moscow Plant and are now installing additional cells and forming two additional 10 kV bus sections.
Thus, after all reconstruction work is completed, it will become possible to connect additional capacity, and reliability of electric power supply of the urban dwellers will increase.