OREANDA-NEWS. October 17, 2008. In January-September, 2008, the port of Liepaja handled 3.3 million tonnes (+12.2%, year-on-year). In the reported period, transshipment of dry cargo amounted to 1.36 million tonnes, which is similar to the result of the previous year. Transshipment of grain totaled 0.98 million tonnes (+19%, year-on-year), coal – 40,000 tonnes (no coal was handled by the port in 2007). In the 9-month period the port handled 456,000 tonnes of ferrous metal (-9%) and 341,000 tonnes of scrap metal (up 2-fold year-on-year). Transshipment of chemical cargo increased 5-fold to 77,000 tonnes. Transshipment of processed wood amounted to 359,000 tonnes (-5%).

In January-September the port handled 737,500 tonnes of liquid bulk cargo (+25%). Tran of oil products amounted to 439,000, liquid chemical cargo – up 60% to 31,000 tonnes.
The port’s container throughput amounted to 32,000 tonnes.