OREANDA-NEWS. October 17, 2008. In April 2007, Allianz ROSNO Life concluded a corporate accident insurance contract for 1 year with lumpsum payment of insurance premium. The client under this contract is a well-known enterprise OJSC NPP Zvezda, which specializes in designing rescue and life support means for the airspace industry, reported the press-centre of ROSNO.

In February 2008, the company’s employee sustained an injury leading to his death. On the basis of the fact of insured accident — death of the insured employee — Allianz ROSNO Life has paid an insurance compensation of 100,000 US dollars to the legal successor specified as insured beneficiary in the insurance contract.

The accident insurance product provided by Allianz ROSNO Life guarantees extensive insurance protection against such risks as "death due to accident", "partial loss of working ability due to accident", and "loss of working ability due to accident with establishment of disability category". The age of insurants can vary from 18 to 55-60 years. The insurance period is 1 year.

"Life insurance, whether risk-based or accumulative, helps people avoid possible financial losses and cope with situations when the financial wellbeing of the entire family is under threat", explains Ms. Zinaida Myakina, Deputy CEO of Allianz ROSNO Life, "For corporate clients, life insurance programs represent not only an efficient personnel management tool, but also a demonstration of social responsibility of the business. Flexibility of the products offered by Allianz ROSNO Life enables each client to be offered an individual program fully meeting the client’s expectations in terms of insurance amount, set of risks, and options for payment of insurance premium".