OREANDA-NEWS. October 16, 2008. It is stated in the communication of the European Union devoted to the results of the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of EU in Luxembourg, who have discussed relations with Moldova.

During the meeting the ministers highly evaluated existing relations between Moldova and EU and declared readiness to start negotiations about signing “new and ambitious agreement" with our country.

As it is marked, this document will substitute former Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Moldova and EU and will provide creation of "the wide free trade zone" and visa-free regime to the citizens of Moldova.

It is stressed that the wide free trading zone will be established; when Moldova will be ready to full liberalization of trade with EU and introduction of the visa-free regime is planned in the long-term prospect.

The ministers of the foreign affairs of EU countries have confirmed that relations of Moldova and EU will be guided by the rates and quality of reforms in Moldova. The talk is about measures on strengthening of the lawful state, provision of the human rights, freedom of speech as well as free and democratic parliamentary elections in spring 2009.

EU has also confirmed the intention to contribute to the Transnistrian conflict regulation.