OREANDA-NEWS. On October 16, 2008 Zhayremskiy Mining and Processing Combine (Karaganda obl.) informed in an official letter to Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) that the company paid the fifth coupon interest to holders of bonds KZ2CKY07B907 (KASE official list, the second subcategory of category "Non-rated debt securities", JGOKb2; KZT100, KZT3.9 bn.; 05.04.06 - 05.04.13, semiannual coupon indexed to inflation rate, 10.00 % APR as for the reporting period), reported the press-centre of KASE.

According to the issuer the total sum of payment made up KZT100,206,000.00, including income tax, collected at the source of payment - KZT6,734,625.00.

Assuming the indicated sum of coupon payment as on the register fixing date (04.10.08) 51.4 % registered bonds KZ2CKY07B907 were in circulation.

KASE draws attention not to have checked the accuracy of the information, provided in the notification of its source. All the responsibility for accuracy of the information published is incurred by the person, indicated in the  message as the source of the information. The persons, willing to disprove the information released in this message, must apply to KASE with a correspondent  official letter.