OREANDA-NEWS  On 20 October was announced, that A new optic connection between Latvia and Lithuania which is based on DWDM technology went on line in early October, and this means that Lattelecom’s international clients will be able to increase the capacity of data transmission in the company’s optical network. The new infrastructure will support data transmission at a rate of up to 10 Gbit/s at this time, and as much as 40 Gbit/s in future.
The next connection was part of a modernisation project called “Baltic Network.” Installation took eight months, and total investments amounted to approximately LVL 1 million.
Lattelecom is the first operator in the Baltic States to introduce a DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) infrastructure between two of those countries. This makes it possible to enhance data transmission capacity substantially with the use of digital fibres. “This infrastructure will make it possible for Lattelecom clients to make use of very rapid data transmission services among the countries of the Baltic region, including Lithuania. It was also increase Lattelecom’s market share in terms of data and IP transit among Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States,” predicts the Lattelecom board chairman, Juris Gulbis.
The DWDM project is integrated with a MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) platform, and this means that Lattelecom will be able to provide its clients with integrated data transmission services at a higher speed, as well as, in addition to existing data, voice and Internet services, several new services such as links among remote data centres, videoconferencing, and many others.

Lattelecom has installed four optic connections to Lithuania over the last several years. All told, the company has nine optic connections with neighbouring countries, as well as with Sweden – nearly 5,000 kilometres of optic cables in all. It is expected that Lattelecom will soon open the first direct optic connection to Russia.
Lattelecom offers the Baltic Network optic infrastructure to companies, for instance, which have affiliates in all three Baltic countries. Data transmission in the network improves the ability to use unified databases, as well as to manage telephone communications and E-mail in a centralised way. This is ensured by the corporate data transmission network. The unified network will also provide for lower telecommunications service costs, because a unified IT infrastructure will be used in all three countries. Even more, the Baltic Network guarantees the security of data transmission and storage, because the circulation of information is not based on the Internet.
Lattelecom is the leading provider of electronic communications services in Latvia, offering integrated electronic communications and IT services, as well as design and installation of telecommunications and networks. Lattelecom also provides data transmission and IT infrastructure solutions, Internet and contact centre services, as well as outsourced business process services. The Lattelecom Group is made up of five companies – Lattelecom, Lattelecom Technology, Lattelecom BPO, Citrus Solutions, and the Baltic Computer Academy.