OREANDA-NEWS. October 17, 2008. Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant has completed multiple-unit tests of main line DC locomotives designated 2ES4K-002 and 2ES4K-003, reported the press-centre of NEVZ.

The tests are focused on performance of two machines working together, that is, better effectiveness of locomotives due to joint use. The 2ES4K-002, which is undergoing final tests at the plant test site, was joined by 2ES4K-003, which was also tested there. The tests checked both joint operation of two locomotives (four sections in total) and three-section versions (one locomotive and an additional section).

The tests resulted in the series locomotives upgrade so that they provide better performance of the series locomotives when used together. The joint use of two multiple-unit locomotives will improve transportation of heavy trains and to lead trains on steep slope tracks.

The 2ES4K-002 and 2ES4K-003 electric locomotives will be sent for exploitation to the Belovo depot of the West-Siberian Railway.

2ES4K electric locomotives are a new kind of NEVZ products. The locomotives’ series production was launched in 2008. The plant is scheduled to manufacture 14 locomotives of the type by the year end. Donchak is the first DC freight main line locomotive to be launched into production in Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed.