OREANDA-NEWS  On 21 October was announced, that elections to legislation authorities took place in several regions of Siberian Federal District. Sibirtelecom organized communication in election centers and provided control over undisturbed operation of all systems of telecommunications connected with the elections.

The elections to legislation authorities took place in the Republics of Altai and Buryatiya, in Zabaykalsky, Krasnoyarsky and Altai Territories, in Kemerovo, Irkutsk and Omsk Regions. Sibirtelecom provided telephone communication for 6,650 election centers. The company created emergency stock of materials for the period of the elections, organized duty of emergency-breakdown teams, which made it possible to carry out all-round control of all election centers and to provide them with high-quality communication. Radio communication, universal paystations were used in some remote settlements which are difficult to access (in particular in Zabaykalye Territory, in Irkutsk Region), the equipment was installed by Sibirtelecom within the federal program of development of universal service. The universal paystations connected with the help of satellite technology VSAT were used at election centers for data transmission in 120 settlements of Irkutsk Region.

‘I think that the company has successfully coped with the task on organization of high-quality communication at these elections’, said Aleksander Isaev, General Director of Sibirtelecom, OJSC. ‘This was preceded by serious preparation, control and correct alignment of forces at each election center; this made it possible to avoid emergency situations and failures in communication’.

During the elections, the telecommunication workers of Sibirtelecom provided the election centers with reliable communication. The staff of the company has much experience of work in providing actions of such scale with telecommunication services. The company took an active part in parliamentary elections, in elections of the RF President, in carrying out the referendum on integration of Chita Region and Aginsky Buryatsky Autonomous District, etc.