OREANDA-NEWS  On 21 October was announced, that the Board of Directors of JSC OGK-5 made a decision to change the composition of the Company’s Executive Board.

The new composition of JSC OGK-5 Executive Board includes:

Anatoliy Yakovlevich Kopsov – General Director of JSC OGK-5;

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Negomedzyanov – First Deputy General Director for Economy of JSC OGK-5;

Evgeniy Vasilievich Chernyshev – First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of JSC OGK-5;

Marcello Bruti - First Deputy General Director – Integration Project of JSC OGK-5;

Luca Sutera - Deputy General Director – Finance Director of JSC OGK-5.

Sergey Evgenievich Uzornikov, Deputy Finance Director of JSC OGK-5, and Anastasia Valerievna Titova, HR Director of JSC OGK-5 were withdrawn from the composition of the Executive Board by resolution of the Board of Directors.

The new composition of the Board is aimed at fully reflecting the current priority of delivering on major investments. The background, qualifications and expertise of the new members allow them to pursue the implementation of the investment plan as well as a close monitoring of the progress achieved.