OREANDA-NEWS. October 21, 2008. Bread and bakery under the trademark Hlebnitsa produced by federal network of bread-baking enterprises of Siberian agrarian holding group (SAHO) were awarded a mark The Product of the year at XVII International exhibition of food and beverages Worldfood-2008 which took place in Moscow.

Annual exhibition Worldfood is one of remarkable events at Russian food market. Here methods of efficient product promotion are demonstrated, trends of consumer and food market are defined, the role of Russian producers in the world food security is discussed. Russian and foreign companies have an opportunity to show their innovations in food production at the exhibition. The best food novelties undergo a tasting competition The Product of the year, panel of which consists of experts of Central taste panel of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation.

Innovative division of the Department of bread-baking enterprises of SAHO presented seven new types of bread and bakery at the tasting competition in the nomination Bakery and pasta, flour, cereals. All of these products gained recognition of the international exhibition. September 25, 2008 according to the results of the competition bread Borodinsky noviy, Podsolnechny, Versal were awarded gold medals The Product of the year. Cake Istrinsky with jam, puff With cheese and puff Zvenigorodskaya were awarded silver medals. Bread Corn with cheese was awarded bronze medal.

These awards give bread-baking plants of SAHO the right to put a mark The Product of the year at the labels of products awarded with medals, which, in its turn, secures reputation of a national product of the highest quality for the trademark Hlebnitsa.

According to the Department of bread-baking enterprises of SAHO, bread Borodinsky noviy and Podsolnechny awarded with gold medals are available for consumers in all regions where bread-baking plants operate. In the nearest future other novelties-winners are to be put into mass production.