OREANDA-NEWS. October 21, 2008. For Jan-Aug 2008 the Azerbaijani ICT enterprises produced goods and rendered services for USD 743 million.

The State Statistics Committee has informed that for Jan-Aug 2008 communications companies produced goods and services AZN 617.3 million that is by 33.8% more versus the 2007 same period.

“At the same time manufacture of electronic computers and equipment for work with information increased 2.5 fold, transmitting equipment 2.8 fold, quality control attachment 2.1 fold, electronic and radio elements 3.6 fold. Installation of equipment controlling production processes grew by 55%.  Sales of household electric appliances rose by 66.3%, computers, computer facilities, and software by 19.4%, activity relating to database by 79.8% services on repairs of computer machines and office facilities by 8.1 fold, electric power by 31.7%,” it was reported.