OREANDA-NEWS. October 21, 2008. For eight months of 2008, the volume of remittances to Moldova from individuals staying abroad through the commercial banks has exceeded US1 billion.

As it was informed in NBM, the volume of transfers in January-August, 2008 has made US 1 billion 108,87 million, having increased in comparison with the same period of 2007 (US725,66 million) by 52,8 %.

From the total amount of transfers during the period, more than US 864,5 million (77,9 %) has been sent through the fast money transfer systems.

In January, 2008 the volume of remittances from individuals staying abroad through the commercial banks made US 89,72 million, in February – US 104,55 million, in March – US 126,4 million, in April – US 156,41 million, in May – US 131,26 million, in June – US 147,51 million, in July – US 185,26 million, in August - US 167,76 million.

The following fast money transfer systems operate in Moldova: Anelik, Posta rapida, Blizko, Strada Italia, BESXpress, Coinstar (Travelex), Caspian Money Transfer, Trabex, Contact Turkiye Express, Grecia Transfer, Unistream, Inter Expres, Uno Money Transfers, Leader, Western Union, Migom Xpress, Money, Money Gram, Privat Money.

As informed before, in 2007, the volume of remittances sent to Moldova by individuals from abroad through commercial bank has reached the record level of US1 billion 218,3 million, having increased in comparison with 2006 by 42,3 %.

The largest amounts of remittances are sent to Moldova from Russia and Italy. According to the World Bank, transfers of Moldavian guest-workers make about third of the country’s GDP.