OREANDA-NEWS. October 21, 2008. At the start of a fiscal year rating companies are analyzing historical balance of the work of enterprises and publish their reports, reported the press-centre of Titan.

In the October issue Forbes magazine published a rating of the 200 largest Russian nonpublic companies* in which Omsk Region is presented with ‘Group of Companies’ Titan, CJSC. The Forbes analysts placed Titan on 142th line of the chart, with expert evaluation of the revenue at 15 billion roubles. According to the experts, ‘Titan’ is in the top five of the largest private chemical companies of Russia along with Eurochem, Fosgaro, Uralchem and Retal Industries. In the similar rating of the year 2006 Group of Companies ‘Titan’, CJSC, occupied 138 place with revenue estimation of 12,8 billion roubles.

The Expert magazine also published current rating of the largest Russian companies, the Expert-400, which is prepared by the rating agency Expert RA. ‘Group of Companies ‘Titan’, CJSC, has been in the rating since year 2005, in the outcome of the year 2007 analysts gave the company 300th rank** http://www.expert.ru/printissues/expert/2008/39/metodika/.

Earlier the Expert-Siberia magazine published the rating Siberian export-150 in which ‘Group of Companies ‘Titan’, CJSC, occupies 13th place***


Among the Omsk companies presented in the rating there are also Ljubinski Concentrated Milk Factory, Sibzavod AGRO and Partnerlesprom.

* All of the companies included in the rating were ranged according to the revenue received in the year 2007. These are companies whose shares are not in the stock exchange: close corporations, companies limited, groups of companies, doing the common business and being subsidiary, and also public joint-stock companies which shares are owned by one or several groups of owners.

As the basis for the estimation was used the data officially provided to the magazine by the companies; also the data was used which is provided by the System of Professional Analysis of the Markets and Companies (SPARK) of the Interfax agency (data of the Governmental Statistics and Federal Tax Administration) and also the information obtained through Information Disclosure Server of the Federal Service on Financial Markets.

** As the major criterion for making the Expert-400 is used the index of volumes of sales of products (works and services) in the year 2007. Participation in the Expert-400 rating has no branch restrictions. Thus the rating includes companies of all major economies. Also the following sources were used: Federal Service of Governmental Statistics and Federal Revenue Service, provided through the System of Professional Analysis of the Markets and Companies (SPARK) of the Interfax agency.

*** The rating Siberian Export-150 is based on the data of foreign trade statistics, on the information provided by the enterprises and also on the proper estimations and data of the Expert-Siberia magazine.