OREANDA-NEWS. October 22, 2008. The Board of Bank 'Finance and Credit' has analyzed the dynamics of the Bank's key activity indicators since the beginning of the year and has scraped plans of the Bank by the end of the current year. The Board has decided to suspend points of sale expansion and a number of high-cost projects but to preserve jobs.

"We take a practical view of the situation in financial markets and understand, that we need to build new banking development strategy for at least the next year or year and a half", – said Volodymyr Khlyvniuk, Chairman of the Board, Bank 'Finance and Credit'."I am sure, that any crisis effects can be overcome if hold to a strategy of consistent investing into innovative technologies, which mean further banking business development through alternative sales channels without involving additional human resources".

At present, Bank 'Finance and Credit' branch network includes 16 branch offices and 374 outlets. 6 250 employees work for the Bank.

Since the beginning of the year, Bank 'Finance and Credit' has hired 354 new employees; over 18 % of the stuff has got promotion.  The Bank has flexible system of complex motivation for the personnel: since the beginning of the year, the Bank has increased salary and invested almost UAH 2 million into staff training.

"We understand that our stuff – is our one of the most valuable capitals. Many of employees have been working for the Bank already for ten years. Taking into account negative tendencies both in the world and in Ukraine, we will modify the priorities and tasks of the Bank, but the stuff will continue working normally", – said Mr. Khlyvniuk.