OREANDA-NEWS. October 21, 2008. In October VAB Bank started work on joining the united ATM network ATMmosphere, reported the press-centre of VAB Bank.

The contracts with The Ukrainian Processing Centre concerning participation in this program and the contract with Raiffaisen Bank Aval about  conducting of payments through ATM network.

The united ATM network ATMosphere combines 17 banks participants and the general ATM number in network is 1717. The service tariffs in the ATM network ATMosphere correspond the client servicing tariffs within VAB Bank network- the client cards by salary projects are not charged and the other individuals cards are charged with a standard tariff of 0,9% ( min 1,00 UAH).

At the present moment technical work on this service activation is held. The clients will have a possibility to use this service yet till the end of 2008.

According to Natalia Stepanova, the Director of The Card Business Development Division, joining to the ATM network ATMosphere will provide more than thousand of ATM with VAB Bank tariffs for our clients. Besides, joining to the ATMosphere will allow us to attract new clients to the salary projects, because the more developed is the ATM network of the financial structure, the more attractive it is for the potential clients- the salary receivers.