OREANDA-NEWS  On 23 October was announced, that as of October, 15 Pankrushikha enterprise received for storage 12,387 tonnes of new-crop wheat. The major part of it is third-grade milling wheat. This is a high-quality product: gluten content of grain exceeds 23%. Grain delivered to Pankrushikha from the nearby enterprises typically has an increased moisture level, because this year’s harvesting campaign was conducted in adverse weather conditions.

Prolonged rainfall created obstacles not only for growers but also for grain processors in the Altay Territory. However, the team at Pankrushikha had duly prepared the enterprise for these difficulties, and now all the equipment including the dryers and the barn-floor are working smoothly. The same can be said about receiving grain: maintenance, repairs and testing of the weighing and laboratory equipment had been conducted in due time. Consequently, there are no delays or losses while partners of Pankrushikha enterprise are delivering their crops.

Moreover, the working pace of the enterprise has not slowed down in spite of the weather – last year, the amount received on the same date was only slightly bigger. Besides, last year’s harvested crop was bigger as well.

Collaboration of this grain-receiving enterprise with arable units and investors has had its share in today’s success. The interaction scheme is simple: arable units were allocated a certain amount of funds, and managed them quite independently, counting to increase the crop yields. Growers deliver the harvested grain to Pankrushikha enterprise at the current market price, the issue which was settled firmly among all the partners. Ways of the efficient use for the crops produced by growers are determined by investors and grain processors in conjunction. According to the senior managers of the enterprise, such advanced financing of crop growers is a good way to ensure smooth operations at the enterprise which is beneficial for all sides involved. It can be stated with a high degree of certainty that such collaboration scheme will be maintained in the future.