OREANDA-NEWS  On 23 October was announced, that winners in three nominations of the city anticompetition “Golden Electric Network” were named. The competition was held with participation of enterprises, private persons who make damage to cable lines during building and other works. The Housing and Communal Services Committee of Irkutsk City Administration, JSC Irkutskenergo, and Southern Electric Networks of IGC Ltd. acted as organizers of this action.

Regionspetsstroy Ltd. won in the “Bad Damage” nomination: due to the damage caused by this organization to communication lines, 5,641 consumers were disconnected from grids. The same enterprise won in the "Indomintable Breaker" nomination: workers caused four mechanical damages to cable lines. The city dweller A.V. Simenov won in the "To Dig Hoping for the Best" nomination. He broke rules of electric systems protection without the coordination with Southern Electric Networks and the Administration of Irkutsk.

From January to September of this year, in Irkutsk - during the building and repairs - 29 cables were damaged. This caused electricity breaks to 20 thousand 307 consumers, inhabited quarters, hospitals and kindergartens; emergencies were also registered. The principal cause of damages, according to the Head of Southern Electric Networks Viktor Chernyakov, consists in the fact that excavations are held without the coordination of the project and the company experts' visit to a place of works. "We took measures, but they are ineffectual," Viktor Chernyakov said. "We decided to hold such an anticompetition under the city administration. This year due to builders' fault every eighth inhabitant of Irkutsk remained without electricity".

As a prize, the winners will receive a piece of the cable torn by them in gift packing, the diploma and the receipt for payment of the penalty. According to Viktor Chernyakov, the amount of the penalty for one damage of cable lines costs RUR 35 thousand for the organization. The amount of penalties this year exceeded RUR 1 million.

According to the vice-mayor of Irkutsk Nikolay Hitsenko, such competitions would be held quarterly.