OREANDA-NEWS  On 23 October was announced, that Mikhailovsky mill of OJSC PAVA – the largest grain processor in the Asian part of Russia - started bread-baking business in March, 2008. Today, it is gathering pace - the production volume of the bakery grows 1,5-2 times every month.

Within April-September, the bakery produced almost 77,000 loaves of bread and over 23,000 baked products. The overall assortment includes first, second and high-grade bread, long loaves, pies, buns with poppyseed and fancy loaf calatch “Saratovsky”. The bakers use flour of PAVA trademark which ensures remarkable characteristics of dough – pliability and excellent aroma. The final product is fluffy, marked by high nutritive value and delicious flavour.

Bakery and pastry products are distributed through the local sales network. The mill collaborates with 17 stores; and the majority of them are situated in the district center. However, the bakery is also developing partnerships with the village shops.

By year-end, the bakery plans to supply the local shops with 100,000 of loaves, considering that its capacity (1200 loaves a day) can provide that. According to the sellers, consumers favour the products of Mikhailovsky mill which is indicated in the increased demand. This serves as one more proof that the mill produces a high-quality feedstock for baking. Besides, the additional production line is a source of profit for the enterprise, which also strengthens the positions of the parent company.