OREANDA-NEWS. October 24, 2008. VivaCell-MTS today announces the completion of a project worth over AMD 24.367 million aimed at the complete renovation of the rooftop of the only secondary school in Urtzadzor village.
This is the second large-scale project implemented in this village. The first visit to Urtsadzor took place on September 1st, in order to celebrate the completion of refurbishment works and installation of heating system in the school realized through AMD 43.1 million of generous support provided by VivaCell-MTS. New windows and doors were installed, and the school was provided with new tables and chairs. A gas pipeline was built, which serves not only the school, but the whole Marzpetuni district of the village. The same day VivaCell-MTS made a decision to provide additional funding for the renovation of the school’s rooftop.  
“We attach high importance to quality education since we always strive to have the best team of professionals. We want children of Armenia to get good grades in school as today’s well-educated school-child has the chance to be recruited by our company tomorrow. However, it’s not the sole reason we keep on helping educational institutions. Corporate citizen lives and thinks a day ahead, and therefore should invest in education to ensure high-quality education”, - noted VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.
Nearly 500 children are enrolled in the secondary school of Urtzadzor. Many of them want to acquire different professions and become famous and respectable specialists. They wish to get a university education in the capital city Yerevan and make their village famous. All necessary conditions are put in place in the secondary school of Urtsadzor, which doesn’t differ from similar schools in Yerevan, having all the opportunities to organize pleasant and comprehensive studying process and provide quality education.  
In the framework of “VivaCell-MTS and Children for Nature” program, the schoolchildren are engaged in an environmental awareness program, which is part of school curriculum.
Overall, VivaCell-MTS’ support to the village of Urtsadzor in the framework of CSR has made AMD 67.47 million.