OREANDA-NEWS. October 24, 2008. The member of the company’s board Yuri Sharov says that the program has been submitted for the consideration of Minister of Energy of Russia Sergey Shmatko on Thursday during the 10th meeting of the energy cooperation sub-committee of the Russian-Chinese commission for preparation of regular meetings of heads of governments.

The program envisages export of electricity to China. Particularly, the program stipulates the construction of coal, water and nuclear power plants and building of additional networks, including power transmission lines in the territory of China.

Sharov says that the program may be implemented after 2020 but some parts of it may be started from 2010.

As regards the export of electricity to China, Sharov says that the project consists of several stages: zero stage – borderline export; first stage – export of 750MW, second stage – 3,600MW and third stage – 6,400MW with the total export supposed to amount to 60bln KWh a year in 2015–2017. The operator of the supplies is Eastern Power Company.

Sharov says that the primary trade was suspended because of price controversy but now everything is ready. “Presently, we use only 30% of the power capacities of the Far East,” says Sharov.

China insists on starting the supplies this year but Sharov says that the supplies can be started no earlier than next year. “We are interested not only in exporting electricity but, first of all, in developing power engineering in the Far East,” says Sharov.