OREANDA-NEWS. On October 20, 2008 winners of the payment card campaign Seven Steps to the Trip were announced. They were awarded EUR 3,000 and 1,500 worth cheques and an opportunity to prolong their summer holidays, reported the press-centre of Ukio bankas.

These cheques can be spent on trips of their choice from the international travel agency Ebookers.com. Other nine winners were presented with minor prizes – suitcases with MasterCard logos. The suitcases will have enough room for all travelling impressions and presents for family members.

Mindaugas Montvilas from Kaunas won the major prize – EUR 3,000 cheque, and Mindaugas Cesnulevicius, also from Kaunas, won the EUR 1 500 cheque.

Payment card campaign prizes came as a surprise to the winners because participation in the campaign did not entail any additional registrations, questionnaires or tasks; the only requirement was to make payments by Ukio bankas credit card abroad. Therefore the winners were really amazed.

“I was truly happy to become winner of the campaign. I have not filled in any application or registration forms. It is very nice to become a winner just by making usual payments by card,” said M. Montvilas. Mindaugas is thinking about going to Greece. “I wanted to go to Crete for my summer holidays, but plans have changed. Now I have another opportunity to visit this country,” said M. Montvilas.

“I did not have time yet to think where I would like to go. The news about the winning was a real surprise to me. I have not thought about prolonging my holidays, however I do enjoy this opportunity. Perhaps I will choose some distant country, thought Mindaugas Cesnulevicius.

All holders of Ukio bankas payment cards MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Football, MasterCard Gold or Ukio banko lizingas MasterCard could take part in the campaign Seven Steps to the Trip. The eligibility requirement was to make at least seven payments by Ukio bankas credit card in a foreign country.