OREANDA-NEWS. October 24, 2008. Third quarter 2008 results were summed up during the meeting of the Management Board of Russian Agricultural Bank held in Moscow, reported the press-centre of Russian Agricultural Bank.

In Q3 2008 RAB maintained reasonable growth rates in all business areas. Total loan portfolio reached RUR 414.1 billion, it grew RUR 121.5 billion from YE2007. Corporate loan portfolio grew to RUR 359.2 billion from RUR 248.3 billion, retail loans – to RUR 54.9 billion from RUR 44.3 billion.

According to the Russian Accounting Standards, balance sheet total reached RUR 1.378 billion from RUR 824 billion as of YE2007, total capital increased by 76% and amounted to RUR 84.4 billion, working assets increased by RUR 282.4 billion and reached RUR 673.9 billion, profit totaled RUR 2.421 billion.