OREANDA-NEWS  On 28 October was announced, that Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains celebrates its fifth anniversary! In 2003 on OJSC “Pharmacy Chain 36.6” initiative Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains (RAAS) was founded, which consolidated the leading Russian retail pharmacy organizations to coordinate the business activity and also protection of professional interests in retail sector.

Together with OJSC “Pharmacy Chain 36.6” the founders were – “Vita” (Samara), “Nizhegorodskaya aptechnaya set’” (N.Novgorod), “Permskie apteki” (Perm’), “Avitsenna” (Irkutsk), “Pharmexpert”.

For these 5 years RAAS got a success.

RAAS authority enabled to unify 20 pharmacy chains. Today over 3000 pharmacy institutions in more than 20 regions of Russia are under the control of the companies, entering RAAS.

The Association is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RF, of Russian-French business club, it cooperates with the foreign associations. RAAS got various prizes in different professional contests.

OJSC “Pharmacy Chain 36.6” will continue to work with RAAS, further the growth of professionalism and social responsibility of pharmaceutical institutions, and will help people to be healthy and wealthy.