OREANDA-NEWS  On 28 October was announced, that the city authorities of Moscow plan to open 56 sports and fitness centres later this year and to put up another 66 ones during 2009-2010.

“According to the decree by the government of Moscow, 56 sports and fitness complexes will be placed in operation in the [Russian] capital by the end of 2008, the construction of another 66 ones is scheduled for 2009-2010,” a source from City Hall said.

The source added that they would include 5 centres adapted for physically challenged people.

“The sports and fitness complexes will be built both by the standard designs and by individual ones. Some of them will comprise swimming pools,” the official added.

According to him, more than 60 sports and fitness facilities are to be located within the areas of the Moscow schools.

“Around 65 plots within the areas owned by the state educational institutions of Moscow have been already allocated for the prospective development of sports and fitness facilities after an additional assessment by Moskomarkhitektura,” the source noted.