OREANDA-NEWS. October 27, 2008. Russian Railways and the Spanish engineering corporation Patentes Talgo SA have signed a Memorandum of Intent to develop cooperation on high-speed rolling stock, reported the press-centre of Russian Railways.

The parties have agreed to explore jointly the possibility of using Talgo trains permanently on the Tren Hotel Series 7 for high-speed passenger services between Moscow and Berlin.

The Talgo is equipped with an automatic system for switching between the narrow and broad gauges used in Eastern and Western Europe.

The companies will prepare a joint feasibility study, with Russian Railways to provide its Spanish partners with necessary information on future passenger volumes, forecast the expected economic benefit of passenger transportation and determine the logistics scheme of passenger services between Moscow and Minsk and Moscow and Warsaw.

For official confirmation of the technical feasibility of using Talgo rolling stock on the Moscow - Berlin route, the Spanish-made wagons will be tested at Shcherbinka, with Talgo lending Russian Railways three passenger cars for temporary use free of charge.

The contract for the transfer of rolling stock was signed between Talgo and RosZhelDorSnab, a subsidiary of Russian Railways.

Upon receipt of the technical and cost parameters of the Talgo wagons from the Spanish side, as well as of the conditions for their maintenance and repair, an evaluation will be made regarding the desirability of purchasing trains for permanent use.

Russian Railways will develop a concept for a joint business to operate passenger services with railway companies in Germany, Poland and Belarus.

If a contract is signed to supply Spanish-made rolling stock, the first train will be delivered to Russia two years following the signing the contract. According to preliminary estimates by Russian Railways, passenger services between Moscow and Berlin will require at least three Talgo units. Maintenance for the trains can be carried at the Talgo depot in Berlin.